The Creatures of CreatureKind at Work

from Sarah Withrow King

It's summer, and people are out and about and on vacation (not me, but other people do this, I hear). I want to be sure you don't miss any of the news from CreatureKind.

CreatureKind is a unique venture—working to raise awareness of farmed animal protection from within the church. David Clough and I co-direct the project; we’re supported by an outstanding team of volunteers and two savvy advisory councils (one in the U.K., where David is based, and one in North America).

First, a reminder of why we focus on farmed animals. Worldwide, more than 70 billion fellow land creatures and up to 7 trillion sea animals are killed for food each year. Intensive factory farming raises and kills these animals in ways that devastate animals, humans, and local communities. Secular organizations address these problems, but churches remain woefully ill-equipped to help their communities understand the impact of intensive farming or the Christian role in caring for creation.

CreatureKind is dedicated to changing both of these facts through pursuing partnerships for policy change, equipping the church for a CreatureKind education, and cultivating community among animal advocates. Read more about our projects right on the front page of this site!

Here’s what’s coming up that we’re particularly excited about:

  • CreatureKind has been awarded a £4000 grant to reach out to Anglican churches in the U.K. in order to raise awareness and provide resources about farmed animal protection! If you feel led to support our work, you can donate here!
  • We’ve launched a video to help people understand what CreatureKind is and does. We hope you’ll watch and share it on Facebook. We'd like to grow this Facebook community so that Christian animal advocates have a safe and welcoming place to share their stories and pray for one another's efforts.
  • We’ve piloted a six-week introductory course for small groups on the role of animals in Christian life. The pilot was a huge success and we’ll be launching the public course later this fall. You can get a sneak peak, though. Just ask!
  • We’re working with a university in the UK—the first educational institution to sign the CreatureKind commitment—to develop a new food policy and to encourage other Christian institutions to follow suit. If your school or church or organization wants to be a leader in animal protection, let me know.
  • We’ve collaborated with the Humane Society of the United States to provide their faith-outreach volunteers with theological training and encouragement.

We believe that by providing theologically rich, church-based programs for Christians to respond to the treatment of factory farmed animals, we’ll be able to strengthen the church, reduce human and animal suffering, and help ensure a sustainable future for our children and our children’s children.

Here’s what you can do right now to help:

  • Add your name to the CreatureKind Commitment, to demonstrate your desire to improve the lives of animals used for food and secure a sustainable future.
  • “Like” CreatureKind on Facebook and share our work with others who want to be good stewards of God’s creation.
  • Sign up for CreatureKind’s monthly e-news. We’ll never sell or rent or give your information to anyone. We don’t like spam, either. Ha, Spam. Get it?! Ha.

Want to have a more in-depth conversation? Let’s find a time to talk in person. I love making new friends, even though I'm a closet introvert.


With much love.