Work Alongside Others as a CreatureKind Affiliate

CreatureKind at Southern Adventist University, 2016

CreatureKind at Southern Adventist University, 2016

Want to raise awareness and take action for farmed animals and related issues in your community? Take these three steps to become a CreatureKind Affiliate:

  1. Form a team of two or more people.

  2. Choose three conversation-starting actions to do this year. 

  3. Fill out the CreatureKind Action Plan and follow through.

Suggested list of actions:

  • Meet with your dining hall or kitchen staff to have a conversation about plant-based foods and their current sourcing of animal products. 

  • Develop a resource for your community to use that helps connect faith with action for animals, slaughterhouse workers, and other aspects of the food system.

  • Include discussions about the intersection of animals with other aspects of Christian life in conferences, classrooms, and Sunday school curriculums.

  • Host a speaker to talk about animals, food systems, and Christianity.

  • Preach a sermon about animals.

  • Host a virtual visit with a scholar or guest pastor about Christianity, animals, and its relationships to food systems.

  • Hold a faculty or staff briefing with CreatureKind to learn more about the latest research in Christian animal ethics.  

  • Run the Friendly Food Challenge.

  • Host an animal-related book club discussion, or use Creature Kind’s Six-Week Study.

  • Screen and discuss Eating Animals, or similar film.

  • Your own idea!