On Animals, Volume II - New Zealand and Australia Speaking Tour

David Clough’s two-volume work On Animals is a ground-breaking new engagement with the place of animals in Christian theology and ethics. Volume I was described by one reviewer as ‘indisputably the most important and comprehensive theological treatment of animals to have appeared in any language at any time in the Christian tradition’.

Volume II, Theological Ethics was published in December 2018 to enthusiastic endorsements from senior figures. Margaret Farley calls its reach ‘astonishing’; David Gushee describes it as ‘the most significant treatment of animals in the history of Christian Ethics’ which will have a ‘revolutionary impact’ both within academia and on lived Christian practice. Willie Jennings says On Animals is ‘a redefining moment for how we should teach theology and live with our animal kin’. Carol Adams says the book will be the definitive work on the subject for many years.


During June 2019, David will be touring New Zealand and Australia. Dates will be posted on this and our Events page as they become available. If you can’t get to one of the events, but would be interested in hosting a virtual lecture at your institution or church, please contact us.