CreatureKind has developed a new course to help Christians think about what their faith means for animals,
and we need your help to bring it to your church!

  • Use our free six week course for small groups
  • Learn about animal welfare and the church
  • Explore how to care for animals more faithfully

Through videos, short readings, and lots of dialogue, the CreatureKind Course for Churches encourages Christians to consider what we believe about God’s creatures and how we might move toward living out those beliefs as members of the body of Christ.

We provide all the course materials, and a guide for leaders. You don't need to have any specialist knowledge, just the motivation to help people think and discuss together.

Not sure you can form a group? Sign up anyway and walk yourself through the course material. You'll learn a lot! 

If you're interested in using our CreatureKind course

“The prophet Micah rhetorically asks what is required from those who have faith in God – to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly. I support CreatureKind because I believe all animals should be treated justly; that Christian love should extend beyond my race, gender, class, and species; and that humility requires me to learn from rather than repeat the mistakes of past.” – Christopher Carter, University of San Diego