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Happy Hour at AAR: Animals, the Environment, and Theological Education

Are you a scholar working on the areas of animals, environment, and theological education? Do you wonder how institutions are adopting institutional policies at the intersection of faith and environmental action? Do you want to learn how to organize your institution around these pressing issues?

CreatureKind  and Green Seminary Initiative are hosting a networking happy hour at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting. 

Come chat, drink, and eat with other scholars teaching and advocating in these areas.

AAR in San Diego: Marriott Marquis-Malibu (South Tower - Fourth Level)

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to Jun 14

The Summit: World Change through Faith and Justice

The Summit is a gathering of 350 leaders committed to changing the world through faith and justice. This diverse gathering creates an opportunity for building relationships and cross-sector collaboration. Through inspirational main-stage conversations, small group forums, and shared meals, The Summit provides a space for leaders to find connection to their peers and hope for the future.

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to Jun 1

On Food and Faith

This conference, “On Food and Faith: Ministry in the Time of Climate Change,” will teach faith leaders how our current food system is contributing to the climate crisis, explore the impact climate change is having on farming and food security, and help empower attendees to take action on these issues in a way that aligns with their deepest values.

The training is hosted by the Center for Earth EthicsMTSOThe Climate Reality Project, and the Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformation at Ohio State University. It will take place at MTSO May 30-June 1.

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12:30 PM12:30

Christian Ethics and Other-than-human Creatures

David Clough addresses the Church of England's Annual Gathering of Readers in the Diocese of Chester.

Many of the urgent problems confronting the church and the world concern the human relationship with the other-than-human world. Climate change, deforestation, human-caused mass extinctions of plants and animals, and the rapid expansion of industrialised farming of animals are interrelated factors that threaten the well-being of humans, other animals, and the wider environment. Christian churches have often been inattentive to these challenges in recent years, and unclear about how Christian faith connects to them. This session will help participants make the connection, and will issue a challenge to consider how Readers can help to shape the practice of the church in worship, preaching, and social and political engagement in the light of these concerns.

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CreatureKind at Humane Society International's 'Forward Food Week' at Oxford Brookes Headington

Talk and Q&A: Christians, Farmed Animals and Food for Humans: Can Human and Nonhuman Animals Flourish?

Join CreatureKind Project Editor Margaret B. Adam to explore:

What's life like for industrially farmed animals? And for the people who work in farms and slaughterhouses? Find out why Christians should care and what they can do about it. Learn about CreatureKind and how it helps Christians connect their beliefs with their relationship to farmed animals. Discuss the complications of changing eating habits and the challenges of animal advocacy in relation to other pressing concerns. Consider CreatureKind projects you can try in your own (Christian or non-Christian) organisations and communities, like #DefaultVeg, Institutional Food Policies, and a six-week small group course.

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