The Friendly Food Challenge Toolkit


Do you want to help members of your campus community choose plant-based meals?

Do you want to help start conversations about Christianity and animals on campus?

Do you want to help students, staff, and faculty make connections between food and faith?

Michael Gilmour teaches English and biblical literature at an evangelical Christian college in Manitoba, Canada’s leading pork-producing province. A devout Christian and long-time vegetarian, he frequently encounters trucks hauling pigs to slaughter during his commute to and from school. One day, it occurred to him that others on campus would have also seen these trucks filled with hungry, thirsty, frightened pigs, and that together, they might act to make a small difference in the world.

The Friendly Food Challenge was born. One day a week, members of the campus community are encouraged to choose plant-based meals and to report them. When a particular goal number is reached, there’s a party or a giveaway or some other celebration. And now, more and more people on his campus are exploring faith-based reasons for caring about the wellbeing of animals.

The Friendly Food Challenge Toolkit contains the materials you’ll need to start a Friendly Food Challenge on your campus: publicity posters, a sign-up sheet, and ideas on how you can promote the Challenge to the campus community. Simply fill out the short form below to access your free toolkit today!