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We're engaging churches in new ways of thinking about animals and Christian faith, with a special focus on farmed animal welfare. We work in three main areas: food policy partnerships, education, and community-building. Please be sure to check out our main resources by browsing the following pages.

changing food policy at Christian Institutions

This project has the potential to significantly reduce the number of factory farmed animal products purchased by Christian institutions. Part of signing the CreatureKind Commitment includes communication and dialogue with the community about the policy, further increasing the ripple effect as community members begin to think about their relationship and obligation to animals as a matter of their Christian faith. 

Small Group Course for Churches

CreatureKind's six-week small group course for churches asks, "Is Christianity good news for animals?" Learn why the answer is a resounding yes and how you can use our free six week course for small groups to learn about animal welfare and the church and to explore how to care for animals more faithfully

Cultivating Community among Christian animal Advocates

Too often, Christian animal advocates feel isolated: the only vegan at the church potluck, the only Christian at the animal rights protest. CreatureKind works to strengthen the church by affirming the call and meeting the spiritual needs of individuals working in animal protection and to provide a community in which they can express their experience, strength, and hope among like-minded Christians.